Professional Line Replacement Services in DC / MD

If you live in Washington DC, Maryland or Northern Virginia and you have a broken sewer or water line that needs repair, Spartan Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning is the Washington metropolitan area’s best choice for all your sewer and water pipe needs. With our Better Business Bureau BBB A+ Rating rating and almost half a century of experience diagnosing broken, collapsed or cracked pipes, tree root infiltration, leaking joints and corrosion, our highly trained plumbers are the men for the job!

Tree or shrub roots can damage your sewer lines, but our technicians can diagnose your problem using our video pipe inspection system which sends a camera down into your pipes to find the source or the “root” of the problem.

Leaks in Your Yard

Water leaks are not always confined to your house. Sometimes homeowners are surprised to find a water leak in the front yard! Water coming out of the ground in your yard or soggy soil on your property when other areas are dry could mean you have a broken water service. Frozen ground, a hard winter, refreezing and thawing cycles, settling or shifting ground; all of these things can damage your water pipes. Spartan is here to help. We can get a main residential water line replacement up and running and ensure you have minimal interruption from city water service to your home.

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Sewer and water line services:

  • Line Repair
  • Line Replacement
  • Line Installation
  • Line Inspection
  • Leak Detection

Spartan also does: