Gas & Electric Furnace Repair, Replacement & Installation DC/MD

For over 20 years, Spartan Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning has been the choice of most homeowners in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia for furnace installation, repairs and replacement services.

Reliable Furnace Installation Services

Its common for heating, ventilation and air conditioning companies to sell you a heating system without inspecting your residence first. When you contact us, we will send our trained technicians to do a comprehensive assessment of your home. We will consider all the structural needs, under roof conditioned air space, safety issues, comfort concerns and the already existing heating system.
That way, we can offer a proper recommendation for a furnace or a heating system that suits your home best and to ensure that installation requirements are met. Plus, we work to inform our customers of the process. Our goal is to:

  • Ensure proper heating for maximum comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Guarantee proper installation, for optimal performance and long life.

We work with Gas & Electric furnaces. Schedule Service Online or call 800-882-0194.

Comprehensive Furnace Repairs

Although furnaces typically have a long life, there comes a time when they fail to function optimally or fail entirely. With cold weather temperatures, you cannot afford to have your heating system working inefficiently or better yet, not working at all.

If your furnace has failed, Spartan is the company to call for trusted services. We repair all makes and models. Some of the most common furnace issues that we work with include:

  • Faulty Ignitor
    If the ignitor malfunctions, then the furnace breaks down. Usually, this happens due to improper maintenance or lack of maintenance. Over time, dirt and grime build up on the ignitor and damage results.
  • Bad Thermostat
    Chances are, you suspect that your furnace is broken when there is some heating problem. However, a faulty thermostat could be the source of your heating troubles. Our technicians can diagnose this issue and resolve it.
  • Flame Sensors
    Furnaces feature flame sensors that detect heat from the burners and then signal the system to keep releasing the fuel. When the sensor fails, fuel does not burn as it should or the system quits operating.
  • Furnace Motor
    The motor is a complex component of all furnaces. If it’s faulty the unit will quit working. Our technicians have experience replacing furnace motors and ensuring the right parts are used.

Regular Furnace Maintenance

Furnaces, like any other mechanical system, require routine maintenance. Industry professionals recommend annual maintenance of the furnace to ensure safety and keep it functioning properly. In fact, some manufacturers will demand regular maintenance for the warranty to hold.Spartan can handle all your furnace maintenance needs. We have annual contracts as well as general maintenance services. Ensure your furnace is running at full potential and give us a call today.

Should you Repair or Replace your Furnace?

Rather than continuously making expensive repairs, it’s sometimes more economical to replace your furnace. Our technicians will always be upfront and honest with you when offering home furnace services. A furnace typically has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. If your furnace has crossed the 15-year mark and has consistent issues, it would be best to consider furnace replacement instead of repair.

Besides, a new unit may be more energy-efficient compared to your existing one. In this case, it is worth the cost of installation when you think of the long-term benefits of lowered energy bills.

Change your Furnace Filter(s)

Filters are a critical component of electric and gas furnaces, as they separate out the dust and particles capable of damaging these expensive units. Our maintenance team can help replace filters if needed.

Why choose Spartan Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning?

  • 24-hour emergency services
  • Professional furnace installation, repair and maintenance services
  • Highly trained, certified and experienced professional technicians
  • Licensed and insured

Spartan Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning has been serving customers in Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia for more than two decades. We have the tools and skilled professionals to handle all residential furnace services. Schedule service or call us today at 800-882-0194 for emergency services.