Whether you’re considering making the switch to gas-operated appliances or you need to replace or add on to your existing gas piping, here at Spartan we’ve got you covered. Backed with almost half a century of experience and a Better Business Bureau A+ rating, our staff is dedicated to helping customers keep their gas flowing.

Spartan Provides the Following Gas Line Services Around Washington DC / MD

  • Gas Line Installation
  • Gas Line Replacement
  • Gas Line Repair
  • Gas Line Removal
  • Gas Line Relocation

While the idea may cross your mind, doing any work on your own gas line comes with the potential risk of creating or worsening a gas leak. Gas leaks are considered very dangerous. Not only can even a small gas leak be the cause of symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, and breathing problems, but prolonged leaks greatly increase the risk of an explosion taking place if any type of spark comes into contact with the gas. Because of this, when it comes to installing or replacing gas lines, it’s important to contact a professional. Here at Spartan, your safety is our first priority.

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Gas Line Installation and Replacement

Running your appliances on natural gas is a more cost-efficient, greener alternative to electricity. Because of this many homes and business owners opt to convert their appliances to gas-powered ones and have a gas line installed. Making the switch from electricity to gas can be tricky, but our staff is dedicated to making the transition as smooth as possible for our clients.

Spartan Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning is a certified gas fitter. We can install new gas line runs as well as replace existing lines.

Gas Line Repair

Gas leaks are normally detected by home and business owners through the smell of mercaptan. Mercaptan is a harmless chemical that most gas companies add to otherwise scentless natural gas, which produces the sulfur or rotten egg-like smell. Signs that your home or business may have a gas leak aside from the smell of mercaptan, include hissing or whistling noises coming from your pipes, and plants that are dead in one particular area for no apparent reason. If you, for any reason, suspect a gas leak it’s important to leave the area immediately. Once you and any others are out of the building and safe, contact the professionals here at Spartan to complete any of the repairs your natural gas line needs. Note, if the gas leak is bad enough, we recommend calling your local gas company / city to have the gas shut-off. Spartan offers 24-hour emergency service because plumbing issues don’t follow typical business hours. Day or night, Spartan’s team of professionals will be here to help resolve those gas leaks.

If you’re in Washington DC, Maryland, or Virginia and looking to install or repair your home or business’s gas lines, make Spartan your first call. Whether it’s installation, repair, or replacement, our qualified technicians are able to help solve all your gas line problems. Use our online form to schedule an appointment. If your situation needs emergency attention, call 1-800-882-0194.