Backflow Preventer Testing, Repair and Installation – DC / MD

One reason it is so important to use a reputable, licensed plumber such as Spartan Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, is to protect yourself, your loved ones, family and friends from the dangers of cross-connections and ensure that the water that comes from the tap in your home is clean drinking water. Clean drinking water is something we often take for granted but a licensed plumber certified in Backflow Prevention, such as Spartan Plumbing, will make sure that backflow preventers are installed wherever there is the danger for cross-connections.

A backflow preventer is a device that prevents water flowing out of your home from reversing its flow. This can happen when there is a sudden drop in water pressure.
Here’s one example: If you are using a device attached to a hose bib on your home to fertilize flowers in your yard, a sudden drop of pressure could cause your hose to act as a straw causing the water mixed with fertilizers to flow backward into your house and your spouse could suddenly be drinking a glass of water contaminated with fertilizers! Without the proper backflow prevention devices or backflow preventers: People can get sick!

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Backflow preventers in your home are very important because they prevent polluted water and contaminants from getting into the potable water you and your loved one’s shower and bathe in and drink. Any time there is the potential for water flowing in your pipes to reverse flow, backflow preventers should be installed on any applications using water including:

  • Medical devices and hospital equipment
  • Restrooms
  • Sinks and Dishwashers
  • Coffeemakers and Icemakers
  • Swimming pools, Hose Bibs and Hoses
  • Cooling Towers and Heat Exchangers
  • Fire Sprinklers and Wall Hydrants
  • Soda Machines and Dispensers
  • Watering Systems
  • And Many Other Residential Home, Commercial Building and Business Applications!

Spartan’s Backflow Preventer Services include:

  • Backflow Prevention Device Consultation
  • Backflow Preventer Installation and Replacement
  • Backflow Preventer Repair
  • Backflow Preventer Testing, Tagging and Maintenance
  • Backflow Preventer Paperwork Submission to WSSC or Local Authority
  • Overall Backflow Inspection and Evaluation

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