Commercial Water Heater Contractors in DC/MD – Replacement, Repair and Installation

Having hot water is something your business shouldn’t have to worry about. With the pressures of housing or serving hundreds or thousands of people every day, it’s important for your building to have a commercial water heater in top condition.

If you notice a problem with your commercial water heater, like leaking, rusty water, low pressure, or a lack of hot water, you don’t have time to waste. You need experts to diagnose, repair or even replace your water heater–and fast.

In Washington DC and Maryland, Spartan Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning are the only commercial water heater contractors you need. Whether you have a gas, electric, or tankless water heater, there is no one who can make your repair or replacement more efficient. We’ve been working with businesses in the DC metro area for over 50 years, and we know how to give you the best result with no unnecessary stress.

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Commercial Water Heater Replacement

Water heaters can last between 10-20 years, depending on the type of commercial water heater you have. By choosing the right water heater and having it installed by professionals, you can set yourself up for a decade or two of worry-free hot water.

Spartan Plumbers have repaired and replaced thousands of gas, tankless, and electric water heaters. We know that replacing your commercial water heater is a big investment, so we can answer questions and advise you on the best way to make your investment last. You could have your new water heater installed in just a few hours.

Commercial Water Heater Repair

As a business owner, there are lots of demands on your time. Don’t waste any unnecessary time trying to self-diagnose the problems with your commercial hot water heater. Even when it seems like a small repair, you could potentially save hours of time and money by calling Spartan Plumbing first. We can come quickly and complete your commercial water heater repair while you work. When you have an urgent problem, you can call our 24-hour emergency service.

Commercial Water Heater Installation

While residential water heaters have a maximum storage capacity of 100 gallons, commercial water heaters hold up to 250 gallons. The difference in capacity is necessary because apartment buildings, hospitals, restaurants and offices require a lot more hot water than one house.

Therefore, installing commercial water heaters is usually more complex than residential water heater installations. That’s why the men and women at Spartan Plumbing have a specific process to ensure every commercial water heater service is fast and flawless–allowing you to focus on running and growing your business.

Why Choose Spartan Plumbing?

Spartan Plumbing is an easy choice. We’ve been trusted to repair, replace, and install commercial water heaters for businesses all over Washington DC and Maryland, and we aim to be your personal superhero.

Of course, we offer services 24/7, we have an A+ score with the BBB, we’re certified by the EPA and the PHCC, and we’ve even won awards. But what matters is that Spartan Plumbing will always answer your call and will make your commercial water heater service pain-free.

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